Storyological 1.13 - THE ONE WITH THE SONIC CARROT

2. "Appliances" by Nikki Alfar, Heat: A Southeast Asian Urban Anthology, first published in the collection WonderLust.

along with, among other things...

  • Also, an analysis of the Cheese as Metaphor.
    • ”…many devoted Whedon fans argue emphatically that the cheese man means nothing cos Joss says so. “The cheese man means nothing. He is the only thing in the show that means nothing.” Ah ha! See? This can mean only one of two possibilities. Either Joss is trying to throw us off the scent... or he is in denial. So I have made it my mission to discover and reveal the secrets of the cheese guy. And I think I may have cracked it.”
  • Advertising. Hyperreality. Fascination. Also. Jean Baudrillard.
  • That one episode, YOU MUST UNLEARN WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED, where we discussed “Six Things We Found During the Autopsy” by Kuzhali Manickavel.

You can find Nick Wood, here, and read more of Nikki Alfar here and here.

Also, also.

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