Storyological 2.17 - THAT CHILDHOOD ACHE


Along with, among other things...

Joe Hill

Sofia Samatar

  • A review of Tender: Stories by Sofia Samatar (where we first encountered “Walkdog”) at NPR.
  • Some thoughts on “Walkdog” and SFF from Lady Business.
  • On “Walkdog”, in an interview with Wired:

    The story’s in the form of a school paper that is written by a girl who’s a high school student, and she’s writing to her teacher—really in the footnotes and kind of in the corners of this essay—and she’s saying, ‘You’re the grown-up. Why don’t you help us? High school is terrible and hard, and really awful things are happening, and you’re just up there teaching class like everything’s normal.’ And yeah, that’s a feeling that I often have as a teacher. It’s hard to balance ‘What’s the material that I need to cover and the stuff that I need to get through in order to do my job correctly?’ and then ‘When is it time to just drop that material because there’s something going on that my students want to talk about?’ There are things that are happening in life that are so much more important than me getting them to do this curriculum.”

Some Other Inflatables

Decorating the frames of stories

The Power of Pity

Also. Also.

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