Awards Eligibility Post: 2018 Edition

Hello, readers.

Here are some notes of an awards-eligible nature.

Note the first.

Chris published a story in Phantom Drift, called “Maemi.”

Here is his blog post in which he discusses that story. "Maemi" is eligible in the SHORT STORY category for all such awards, like the Nebulas or Hugo’s, which enjoy the presence of a category for short stories.

Note the second.

Storyological is eligible in the Hugo category: BEST FANCAST. If you want to listen to a representative episode, try this one called THE GOTHIC TRAP in which we discuss some awesome stories by Jillian Tamaki and Emily Carroll.

Note the third.

In 2017, we discussed a lot of stories and collections on the podcast. Not all of those stories or collections are eligible for any awards in 2018. For example, this 1936 story by Leonora Carrington called "The Debutante."

A few of them are, though.

These are those.